How do i connect printer to Wi-Fi Network

Connect printer to Wi-Fi Network

Use Wi-Fi printing in your home & workplace to remove the messiness of a growl of print links. Connect printer to a local Wi-Fi network to wirelessly print from a personal computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Wireless printers are very easy to set up on any PC or Mac, and, depending on the printer, you can even print wirelessly from your Android, iPhone, or iPad! how you can add your printer to your remote organization so you can print photographs and archives without annoying ropes. In order to connect a printer to your home network, the printer must have a built-in Wi-Fi adapter or wired network connection port.

If your printer has a built-in Wi-Fi adapter to connect wirelessly to your home network.

Follow the steps below.

  1. Your printer should have a small LCD screen with different choices in light of its highlights. Find and select the choice for configuring network or Wi-Fi network. The choice might be named Network Setup, Wi-Fi Setup, or something almost identical.
  2. In the network or Wi-Fi setup menu, there should be one or two options for connecting to a wireless router. One choice is normally a Wi-Fi setup wizard or Network setup wizard, which strolls you through interfacing the printer to your wireless router. A printers may likewise have a choice to interface with the connect to the wireless router using WPS.
  3. Select the desired connectivity option in the setup menu, then follow the remaining steps for the connectivity option chosen.

Connect printer using Wi-Fi or network setup wizard

  1. The printer’s LCD screen displays the available Wi-Fi networks in range. Select your Wi-Fi network name, or SSID, to connect to your wireless router.
  2. You should see a brief on the LCD screen to enter the password word for your Wi-Fi network. Enter the password and select OK or Next.
  3. The printer proceeds to connect to your Wi-Fi network. When connected, a message is usually displayed to indicate the printer is now connected to your network.

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